On Saturday, 29th of April, the game in the group A of the BIG6 will see the duel of the European traditional teams when the New Yorker Lions meet the Badalona Dracs in Braunschweig (6 p.m., Eintracht-Stadion). Both clubs celebrate their 30th anniversary this year, but they seem to be younger than ever. The Lions
In the duel of the debutants of the BIG6 the Seamen Milano beat their opponents of the Berlin Rebels very close only with one point with 14:13. In front of 1200 fans in the Stadio Breda Sesto San Giovanni the guests from Berlin had the better start and came to a field goal attempt right
At the start of the BIG6 2017 the New Yorker Lions from Braunschweig won in the Sloten Sportpark with 20:6 at the Amsterdam Crusaders. In the first game of group A, the guests from Northern Germany offered a convincing performance, especially in the defense. This was a little bit surprising due to the fact that
Amsterdam Crusaders – New Yorker Lions, Seamen Milan – Berlin Rebels All football fans are looking forward to the start of the BIG6 this weekend. In contrast to previous years, some new teams face the challenge of moving into the Eurobowl 2017, which involves a few explosive duels. So in Amsterdam on Saturday at 3