New Yorker Lions

The New Yorker Lions, up to and including the GFL season 2010 known as the Braunschweig Lions, are a Football Team of the 1. FFC Braunschweig. Since 1994 the Team play continiously in the GFL and with ten national Championships all time record holder.

The Coaches

To be successful in American Football not only a good team is essential, but also to gather an experienced coaching crew around the Head Coach. This important goal Head Coach Troy Tomlin already achieved with the implementation of his team. Together with Defense Coordinator Dave Likins they are the base for the success.

Head Coach / Offense Coordinator Troy Tomlin

Portrait Troy Tomlin

Troy Tomlin, Head Coach & Offensive Coordinator

Troy Tomlin is a very important part in the successful history of American Football in Braunschweig.

Starting back in 1994, he was in charge until the 2000 season with the defense of the German record champion. During this time span the club went 2nd in 2000 and national champion three times in 1997, 1998 and 1999. In 1999 the Lions also won the Eurobowl.

From 2001 on until the 2004 season he was head coach and reached the finals four times. In 2003 he could win again the Eurobowl for the second time in 5 years.

In 2013 he finally won for the first time as the Head Coach for the New Yorker Lions the German Bowl title, followed by titles in 2014, 2015 and 2016. He also won the Eurobowl as the Head Coach for the team from Braunschweig in 2015 and 2016. 

Defense Coordinator Dave Likins

Defensive Coordinator

Dave Likins, Defensive Coordinator

The 56 years old American Dave Likins is a specialist for defense. Back in time, Likins was part of the Lions coaching crew during the seasons 1992, 1993 and from 1998 to 2000. Besides special teams he was in charge with the cornerbacks, strong and free safetys. He was a big part of the promotion of the Lions into the 1st league. During his second stint with the Lions Likins won together with head coach Kent Anderson and the current head coach Troy Tomlin the German championship twice in 1998 and 1999 and the Eurobowl in 1999. After the 2000 season Likins changed sides and became the Defense Coordinator of the Hamburg Blue Devils, winning three times in a row the title (2001-2003), each time against the Lions in the finals.

Several positions in the USA followed before he came back to Europe. With the Swarco Raiders from Insbruck Likins reached the Austrian finals in 2008 and won the Eurobowl in the same year. After that successful year he went back again to the US, before taking the position as head coach and defense coordinator with the Berlin Adler. 2012 he wrote once again history, winning the Swiss title with the Calanda Broncos by winning the national title and the Europbowl unbeaten.

Under his leadership, the New Yorker Lions defense became the best defense in the GFL 2013 and were a big factor for the success.


The New Yorker Lions organization was established in November 1986 and began to play in the German Third Division in 1987 as the Braunschweig Lions. After a year of strong performances, the team went up to the German Second Division where they remained until 1993.

In their first season in the German First Divison the Lions surprised many so called experts and the team qualified for their first ever Division I playoff game. After 3 years in the GFL the team won their first national championship in 1997. Since then, the team reached the German Bowl every year until 2008 and win the final seven times (1997, 1998, 1999, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008). After winning three national titles in a row, the Lions lost the following five German Bowls partially narrow most times against his archrival the Hamburg Blue Devils (2003: 36:37) and in 2004 against the Berlin Adler 10:7. On October 8th, 2005 the Lions find a way to stop the negativ series again against the Blue Devils and win the German Bowl XXVII in Hannover (AWD-Arena) 31:28.

In 2006 the team defeated the title successfully against the Marburg Mercenaries, but denied to be a part of the Eurobowl Championship series in 2007.

Because of a narrow 26:21 win in the play-off half-final on September 22nd, 2007 against the Marburg Mercenaries, the former Braunschweig Lions became the first GFL team ever, to reach eleven finals in a row. In German Bowl XXIX, the Lions win 27:6 against the Stuttgart Scorpions and win their sixth National Championship. 2007 was also the first year in team history, that the Lions never lost a game during a whole season.

Also in 2008 the Braunschweig Lions reached the final and played on September 27th, 2008 against the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes in German Bowl XXX. The Lions win the game in the Commerzbank-Arena, Frankfurt/Main 20:14. The game was live streamed in German TV (DSF, now Sport1).

In 2009 the Lions make a big step back by winning only three games during the whole season and miss the Play-Offs for the first time after 14 years. On the last place oft he north divison they have to admit defeat against the tied Assindia Cardinals.

Change of Name

After the 2010 season, the club announced, that because of the terms of license of the GFL starting with the season 2011, a new marketing corporation will take care of the economic activities of the “Lions“. In the course of the extensive negotiations between the new and old marketing corporation, they can’t find a agreement about the purchase of the brand “Braunschweig Lions“. So it was necessary to change the name of the team.
Then in march 2011, the responsible people from of the 1. FFC Braunschweig announced, the Braunschweiger fashion company New Yorker will be the new main and name sponsor for the Lions.
After two more or less unsuccessful seasons in 2011 and 2012, with the return of Troy Tomlin in November 2012, the success came back to Braunschweig.
In 2013 the New Yorker Lions were back in the German Bowl for the first time since 2008. In a heartbreaking and breathtaking game, the Lions winning for the 8th time the German Bowl XXXV by just a score difference of only one point 35:34 against the Dresden Monarchs. Even better the following season 2014. Without a loss the New Yorker Lions reaching the German Bowl XXXVI and beating the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns in the final 47:9 without any question marks left,
Highlight of the 2015 season, beside playing in the German Bowl again, for the New Yorker Lions was the 24:14 win against the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns in the Eurobowl in June 2015 in Braunschweig. Winning for the third time the highest possible championship for club teams after 1999 and 2003.
For the third time in a row, again the Lions reaching the German Bowl too. Against the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns were their opponent and the New Yorker Lions win the third final in row against the GFL South Champions. This time 41:31.
Also 2016 was a perfect year for the New Yorker Lions. Winning both titles (Eurobowl, Germanbowl) another time.


1997 German Bowl Champion            (26:23 vs. Cologne Crocodiles)

1998 German Bowl Champion            (20:14 vs.  Hamburg Blue Devils)

1999 German Bowl Champion            (25:24 vs.  Hamburg Blue Devils)

1999 Eurobowl Champion       (27:23 vs.  Hamburg Blue Devils)

2000 German Bowl 2nd Place            (29:31 vs.  Cologne Crocodiles)

2001 German Bowl 2nd Place            (13:31 vs.  Hamburg Blue Devils)

2002 German Bowl 2nd Place            (13:16 vs.  Hamburg Blue Devils)

2002 Eurobowl 2nd Place       (20:27 vs.  Bergamo Lions aus Italien)

2003 German Bowl 2nd Place            (36:37 vs.  Hamburg Blue Devils) und

2003 Eurobowl Champion                 (21:14 vs.  Vienna Chrysler Vikings aus Österreich)

2004 German Bowl 2nd Place            (07:10 vs.  Berlin Adler)

2005 German Bowl Champion            (31:28 vs.  Hamburg Blue Devils)

2006 German Bowl Champion            (31:13 vs.  Marburg Mercenaries)

2007 German Bowl Champion            (27:06 vs.  Stuttgart Scorpions)

2008 German Bowl Champion            (20:14 vs.  Kiel Baltic Hurricanes)

2013 German Bowl Champion            (35:34 vs. Dresden Monarchs)

2014 German Bowl Champion          (47:09 gegen Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns)

2015 Eurobowl Champion                (24:14 gegen Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns)

2015 German Bowl Champion         (41:31 gegen die Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns)

2016 German Bowl Champion         (31:20 gegen Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns)