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BIG6 European Football League

The Top Tournament for American Football in Europe

The teams are set in two groups with two games to be played. Every team plays one game at home and one on the road.
The winners of each group are then playing for the prestigious Eurobowl XXXI.
The new format guarantees that all games are played on the highest level to be found in Europe. The aim is to create attractive match ups for our loyal fans, players and media.
By having an invitational system, there are no clear favorites for any game. Every team can win any game which brings excitement to the highest competition for American Football in Europe.

BIG6 Group A

The teams participating in Group A of the BIG6 European Football League are the defending Eurobowl and GFL Champion, the Spanish Champion and the Netherland's Campion.

BIG6 Group A
New Yorker Lions Braunschweig
Badalona Dracs
Amsterdam Crusaders

BIG6 Group B

The teams participating in Group B of the BIG6 European Football League are the newcomer of the year in GFL, the Italian top team and an up and coming team from Berlin.

BIG6 Group B
Samsung Frankfurt Universe
Milano Seamen
Berlin Rebels

Eurobowl XXXI

The European Football League (EFL) for club teams has been played since 1986. The championship game of the EFL is called the Eurobowl.
Eurobowl XXXI will be played by the winners of each group. The location is not fixed yet and will be determined after the finalists are identified.
More information on the history of Eurobowls can be found in Wikipedia.


BIG6 European Football League

The Best Teams of Europe

A committee of the BIG6 organisation selects the teams eligible to participate in the tournament. The decision is based on the level of play and the organisational ability to compete on the top level in Europe.
This year the teams selected for the BIG6 tournament are from Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Italy. In the following years it is planned to increase the number of teams and the countries participating.

New Yorker Lions

Germany, Braunschweig

The German record champion with eight national titles and two time Eurobowl-Champion. Read More...

Badalona Dracs

Spain, Badalona

The Badalona Dracs are the reigning Spanish Champion

Amsterdam Crusaders

Netherlands, Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Crusaders are an outstanding team with great past and probably even bigger future. Read more...

Samsung Frankfurt Universe

Germany, Frankfurt

Samsung Frankfurt Universe is the hot newcomer in Germany. Read more...

Milano Seamen

Italy, Milano

Milano Seamen are an Italian powerhouse. Read more..

Berlin Rebels

Germany, Berlin

Berlin Rebels are one of the German top teams. Read more...

BIG6 Games